Lady Magnolia


Lady Magnolia is the headmistress of The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company. She is a passionate teacher and performer who thrives on creating community.

This captivating performer exudes old world elegance and charm. As she struts across the stage, she weaves a spell of love and sensuality. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering if Aphrodite herself took a day off to join the burlesque revolution!


Hello! I’m Lady Magnolia.

From a young age, I’ve held a deep love for dance and exercise, which led me to embark on my journey as an aerobics instructor at the age of 16. After finishing school in Knysna in 1999, I moved to Cape Town in 2000 and obtained a diploma in exercise teaching and personal training, at The Sports Science Institute’s Exercise Teachers Academy. 

That year proved to be pivitol, as I left behind the familiarity of my small hometown and discoverd belly dancing through my first teacher, Dawn. 

Stepping throught the gauzy curtains of that first class, I knew I’d found my calling. The traditional Vsteps and grapevines in my exercise classes were soon replaced with shimmies and undulations and in 2003, I established my own studio, The Feminine Divine Oriental Dance Studio.

It was in 2008 that I had a life-changing encounter with burlesque, courtesy of Diva Disastar and Scar-lit Hearts, and a secret crush who shall not be named! 

I instantly fell in love with this artform, which encompassed everything I adored about belly dancing and more, but with a touch of the risqué.

Eager to explore new realms beyond the constraints of traditional belly dance, I eagerly threw caution (and clothing!) to the wind and crossed over to belly dancings naughty cousin, Burlesque!

Thus, The Rouge Revue was born in 2010.

In 2013 I had the priveledge of attending the renowned New York and New Orleans Burlesque Festivals. There, I immersed myself in an incredible array of shows and participated in worskhops led by my burlesque idols. It felt as though I had indulged in a sumptous feast of burlesque, igniting a desire within me to share my knowledge, inspiration and a newfound sense of daring! (They’re a lot dirtier over there, darling!)

For the past two decades, I have nurtured my studio from rented spaces, but in 2020, an exciting milestone was reached as I acquired my first home. With a few walls knocked down to create a dedicated studio space, I now warmly welcome you to my Woodstock home, where my two cats, Saskia and Chapman will welcome you and let you know who the real divas are!

When I’m not adorned in heels,  lashes and red lips, you’ll find me lazing in my favorite rock pool, with a delicious picnic and a chilled bottle of bubbly close by! 

My deepest passion lies in empowering womxn through the art of dance and movement. It is both an honor and a privilege to foster a community of womxn who wholeheartedly support, encourage and uplift on another. 

“You’ve played such a pivotal role in helping me love myself inside and out. I am now a woman who truly feels so damn sexy in her skin and my confidence has really improved so much. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
You’ve created this amazing space with like minded people and I can truly say I’ve found the most beautiful connections within it. We wouldn’t have met all these wonderful people if it wasn’t for you.
You have truly helped so many woman overcome so many barriers within themselves.”

Sensual Seductress

“The words thank you don’t feel big enough for all that you have done for me and all the beauties at The Rouge Reuve ! Thank you, Lady M,  for creating a magical, safe and special space for me to embrace my femininity and creativity and to connect and meet such incredible womxn! You have a heart of gold, you are passionate, loving, creative and just all in all incredible! Celebrating you today with a warm and thankful heart!”

Midnight Moon

“Lady Magnolia, I have so much love and admiration for you. Thank you for your gentle spirit, there is so much power in your kindess and the way you create community. You are an inspiration to us all.”



“To Lady Magnolia 🥂 the big sister / mother / object of desire / goddess / hilarious headmistress / mermaid / spectacular woman we all need. Thank you for the beauty and joy and love and laughter and support and friendship and encouragement and magic you put out into the world every single day. It does not go unnoticed ❤️”

Holly Berry